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Forms Question - default values (not seen by person completing the form)

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Newbie question here :frowning:

I’ve got two forms, purpose is around whats working well, engagement etc - one for field sales, one for office staff (who talk to field sales).

One data source is an inbound or outbound call from the office - form A, contact type will be inbound/outbound
2nd data source is sales people can complete a form when they are “on the road” - form B, contact type will be “webform”

In the grid that collects data from both forms, can be an webform have a default contact type of webform? I see you can hide fields, but that hides them completely.

This is same/similar to this question in post “Default values for hidden form fields” can’t link direct sorry…

Any news or workarounds? All help greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Ben_Engel,

The best way would be to use the Prefilled Form option. You can send one link to the Office Staff use and another Link to the Sales people.


Hi Mo,

Thanks for that, much appreciated. It would be great if it wasn’t visible, but this works well as a solution.

I couldn’t get it to work for ages, but turns out I hadn’t put in the correct case on the option. ie ?prefill_Source=webform instead of ?prefill_Source=Webform

Must have been having a brain fade morning :slightly_smiling_face: thanks again.