Help designing a base that's able to produce the required view/interface

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I recently came to the conclusion that many of my existing spreadsheets would actually make much more sense if they'd become databases. So I started playing around with designing some of those, and while majority was smooth, my gym workouts became a big challange for me.

First of all, I struggle with design correctly the base. I had a couple of different approaches I've tried, and everything seemed to be overly-complicated. The problem is, whenever I get somewhere, all I have in my head is a possibility to export this base in a fairly simple format, which I could take and send to my trainer (I do it weekly). I've attached a screenshot of my existing plan in Google Sheet. I'd love to generate something similar in Airtable. 

I'd appreciate any kind of brainstorming 🙏

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