Help with Base design for Sales Pipeline for Tutoring Business

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
I'm new to AirTable but not automation. I've hacked together my Pipeline with Google Sheets and Zapier + a lightweight CRM. It still works okay, but I see an upside in moving to AT. It will be nice to have different views for the different employees based around primary role.
Any suggestions or questions I need to be asking, would be very much appreciated.
My biggest challenge is how to design my lead tracking base. Do I use one table or many tables? My current setup in Google Sheets is a tab for each service. Students are not linked on the different tabs.
  • Tutoring business
  • We offer 3 services. Let's call them Service A, Service B, and Service C
  • Each workflow for each service is slightly different
  • We have 3 employees who need to view and edit the pipeline. Each will use different views.
I want to track:
  • Contact information: Student Name, Parent Name, Parent Email, Parent Phone, School, and Grad Year.
  • Conversations at the Student/Client level by Service Type. 
  • Stages for each service type. Service A has more steps/requirements than Service B.
  • Assign Tutor by Service. For example, Joe Student can be assigned a Tutor for Service A but still be in the pipeline for Service B and/or C.

Future Design Considerations:

  • Once assigned to a tutor, link the hours from tutor's timesheets. I want to see attendance.

Thank you for your help!

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I think if I were you I'd have the following tables:
1. Students (with the contact information you mentioned)
2. Leads, where each record will be linked to a record from Students, and a Student record might be linked to multple Leads records
  - This table will contain the type of service and the stages details
3. Tutors
4. Timesheets
5. Interactions
  - Each record represents a conversation / interaction
5. Optional: Courses
  - A list of finalized leads that you would link the "Timesheets" records to.  You could also keep this in the "Leads" table, but in my head I like the separation of a "Leads" table with details surrounding that, and a table with details for finalized courses

And they'd all be linked to each other as needed

I'm not familiar with your workflow though, and so it's highly likely that the suggestions above might not work.  Let me know where you can see some issues and I can see how stuff can be changed up

You may want to check out the Airtable Universe / Templates to get some inspiration as well