Re: How can I create a variable to use across my base?

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Hello, hope you don’t mind the newbie question.

How do you set a variable that I can call across

I have a base where I’m organising people into coaching groups.

Each coaching group has a unique name (Pacha, Twilo, Space etc). Each coaching group also has its own URL.

What I want to do

  • I’d like a field that autopopulates that Airtable URL whenever I assign somebody to a group.
  • So if I assign somebody to “Pacha”, another field updates with Pacha’s URL.

I guess that I need to create a table within my base to store these “variables” but I’m stuck on how to call them into the main table. I suspect it has something to do with linked fields and lookups, but whenever I read the documentation I get stuck.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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It sounds like you need a table for [Groups], where each row is a group. There would be a column to store the groups’ unique url.

Then when you assign your other records to groups, you’d use a Link to Another Record-type field. Then you’d use a Lookup-type field to pull in the linked Group's {URL} field.