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How to compare two strings and remove duplication

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Hi there!

I am looking for a way to compare two fields and then remove certain parts of one of the strings in those fields if it is already present in the other field.

We have customers in the Primary field, then another field that is a rollup aggregation of all of their reviews and then another field that is a rollup aggregation of all the products they are received.
I then want to create a formula that means I can have another field where it is just the products they have received but not reviewed yet separated in a similar way.

For example
Item 15was amazing#Item 23not as good.

Item 1#Item 2#Item 3#Item 4#Item 9#Item 2

I have attached a link to a dummy base.

Thanks in advance!

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That dummy database doesn’t show us anything, because you’re not showing us your table structure nor your real rollup fields.