Re: How to get contacts info from Contacts Table to auto match to Company Table if company name matches

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4 - Data Explorer

How do I get contacts to automatically link to a company in Company table if the company name matches a name in the Contacts table

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Welcome to the community, @Ray_Hill !

There’s no automatic way to do it (unless you create your own Javascript scripts or external automations).

However, you can do a one-time-only match by converting your “Company” field in your Contacts table into a “linked record field” that links to your Companies table. (Note that this will only work if the other table has the “Company” field as its primary field.)

Can I import the contacts from a spreadsheet straight to the Company table and have it append the contacts to the company which is the primary field?

Importing records into a “linked record field” will also achieve the same result of the one-time-only match.