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How to use Prefilling form with multiselect field type

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Hi All,

I have a field of type multi select option in airtable form. I would like to prefill that using Prefilling form feature of airtable. I have referred below airtable documentation for the same. But, this option didn’t work out for me.

Formula Used to pre-fill the field

“URL?” &
“prefill_domain=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({domain} & “”) & “&” &
“prefill_Source%20Category=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({category} & “”) & “&” &
“prefill_Target%20Category=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({category} & “”)

This field is of type multi select option.May I know, what mistake i’m doing in the formula? Would you please help me to correct the formula,if it’s wrong?

I am using below extension to generate formula.

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Can you post screen shots of your data including column headings ? Do all of the options already exist in the configuration of the multiple select?

I am populating value of category column from domain-category table into Source Category column of another table(SUBS-Table).

Screenshot from 2022-08-18 20-02-40

SUBS-Table Schema

domain,Source Category,Source URL,Target Category,Target URL,Email

As I already mentioned, Source Category and Target Category both are of type multi select.

Thank you for the screen shot. Can you also post screen shots of the configuration of the multiple-select field that you want to prefill?

It looks like the {category} field in the [domain-category] table is a long text field with choices separated by pipes |. However, when prefilling a muli-select field, the options need to be separated by commas ,. You may be able to use this in your formula to replace the pipes with commas …


Thank you for replying to me. As {category} field was ‘|’ delimited. Hence , i tried to use below formula with SUBSTITUTE option. But still, didn’t work for me.

“url?” &
“prefill_domain=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({domain} & “”) & “&” &
“prefill_Source%20Category=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(SUBSTITUTE({category}, “|”, “,”) & “”) & “&” &
“prefill_Target%20Category=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({category} & “”)

multiple-select configuration

Screenshot from 2022-08-18 22-14-00

Thank you for the screen capture. Your multi-select field has no options. You cannot prefill a multi-select field unless the value already exist as options for the field.

@kuovonne Then , how to prefill this field dynamically? Providing the value as option to this field is nothing but assigning values statically . But, i would like to fill up those options dynamically?

Is there a way to populate multi-select field dynanically?

This is honestly a no-duh value add feature that is hugely annoying you don't have.  Silly AirTable.