How would you link 2 tables - calendar of events and tasks

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone, 

I've got two tables in two different bases.

  • calendar of articles
  • tasks

I'd like to create a task for each calendar item and only need to update one table. 

Just looking for ideas on the best way to link these bases. 

My current idea:

  • is to sync the calendar table into the base with the tasks
  • link each calendar task to the calendar item. 
  • Use an automation to update the task status
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Hmm, could you tell me more about your current idea and why you'd need an automation?

If you're updating the task statuses within the "Tasks" table, you could use lookups / rollups to pull the task statuses over to the events table to view them if needed?