Re: Ideas on Internal Training Repository/Access Point? Powerpoints & Or Video Trainings

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We currently pay about $3-4k/year for a "training platform" which as far as I can tell, is just a file storage front end that you can upload PDFs of certificates to and then launch a couple videos or slide decks from which are followed by short quizzes. When you complete the quiz, the training for those embedded vids/slides is recorded as complete.

I have not come up with an approach yet, but is there any decent way to replicate this functionality in airtable? I have an entire training tracking base setup that is working great as a prototype, but the feature that would be great to figure out would be replacing this "built in" online training and tracking function from the other platform (literally the only thing we have going for it, I have no idea why someone selected this product or people got excited about it).

Essentially, I have a log of everyone's various trainings. Some are online on 3rd party safety training sites, some are in person practical trainings with a company instructor, and some are online (on our other safety training platform) but company created content. I would love to be able to just upload the pptx or mp4 file as an attachment in my "Training Types" table within my training base, and have that be able to be launched by the user in something within airtable followed by a quiz. If you pass the quiz, it logs your training as complete and starts the counter on expiration. Also the quizzes are pass only, if you get some wrong it just kicks you back to the question(s) that were incorrect and you try again.

Is there some slick way to make this elegant looking and user friendly in an interface/3rd party front end? Perfect world you are either a new employee and when added to the system it sends you an email with links of all these "company content" online trainings that have been assigned and once completed, it updates your status. If you took "Silica Hazard" training 5 years ago (good for 5 years) then you get an email when it expires that has the link to the training again and it would just launch followed by the quiz? I'm sure there has to be a decent way to handle this. Just opening the pptx directly from the attachment field in the base table is "fine", but navigation isn't the best and it seems to load quite slow for a reasonable sized deck (ours are 50-200 slides depending on the topic).

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My personal recommendations on this topic would be the same ones that I wrote up in your other thread here.