Is it possible to use an existing field rather than a new Single Select or New Collaborator field to stack records in a Kanban view?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am setting up a base for the different parts that go into construction while building a house.

I have already set this up as a simple many to many base where any item can be linked to any other.

For example:

You might have the items:


These all become linked in lots of ways because your kitchen has lighting and electrical and a sink but so does your bathroom and electrical links to lighting and sink links to plumbing.

I want to then be able to display every item as a stack in a KanBan view.

This will allow me to view a sack of everything in the kitchen if I am focusing on this.

Kitchen → Plumbing Electrical Sink

But also a stack of electrical if I am focusing on that:

Electrical → kitchen, bathroom, lighting, etc.

Is there some way I can make Airtable create my KanBan stacks based off my main field of items?

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i just set up an automation that copies the value from the selected field into a single select field when its updated