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Is there a way to have different types of field types in a single column?

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Hello, I am trying to set up an Airtable base for all of our company’s employees, along with a list of the software that they have given to them when they start. We want to monitor how we distribute our software licenses so we make sure there aren’t any “dead” licenses given to people who already departed the company. We already have Google Sheets filled with information for current employees and software, but we want to use Airtable’s automation to help us make that process easier to audit. However, this is how the data was transferred from the sheets in a column:



Is there a way to customize the field type for each cell in the column to be different from other cells in the column? Hopefully, that makes sense. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Azero_Alcala
Welcome to Airtable. Each column or field in Airtable is its own type (text, number, date, formula…) and that column is the same for all rows or records in that table.

You should create a field for each type of data you are bringing over from Sheets like
First Name | Last Name | Date | Status