Keeping CSV Import Extension Configuration when duplicating a base

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello community,

I am using Airtable to process data coming from an architectural model to summarize information about parts.  Currently I am using a base as a template and duplicating this base each time I want to import a new list, as the lists are sometimes up to 10,000 rows long and I feel like it's not workable to just keep importing new lists into the same base.

I have found the CSV Import extension to be far superior to the standard csv import functionality, and especially like that for the same csv column heading structure, the extension remembers my field assignments.  

However, when I duplicate the base, the CSV extension disappears and along with it, the field assignment memory.  

Does someone know if it's possible to somehow duplicate the extension along with the duplication of the base?  My csv has around 300 columns and probably 20 have custom column names that the CSV import extension doesn't automatically recognize, so they need to be assigned manually (note: I cannot change the headings in the source CSV).  


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