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Leaving a field blank in updating automations causes an error

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Continuing the discussion from Auto removing a linked record when the record is removed from a view in the linked table?:

We’ve tried the above solution in an automation - it’s resulting in an error. The error is received invalid inputs. Any ideas how we can remove linked records from our table using an automation?


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Can you share screenshots of your setup? I’ve used a blank entry to clear out a link field without any issues, so my hunch is that the way that you’re applying it isn’t correct somehow.

Hi @Justin_Barrett

It seems to work now but if I try another update (prior to the record being removed) - I get the same error. Trying to update said linked field status before removing it :


Can I type the status in or do I need to pick something from somewhere for it to find existing statuses?


Typing it in should work, but it will need to be an exact match for one of your options. Check the field settings and see if there’s an errant space before or after the text for any of the items. That can throw things off.