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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I got the tables as follow:
Table 1: Product Name, Product Category
Table 2: Item Name, Product Name

I would like the Product Name in Table 2 to link to Product Name in Table 1, with condition where the Product Category is A.

Can I know how to set the condition for that?

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Welcome to the community, @Chaw_Tze_Wee! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Links don’t operate on conditions. However, if you have existing links, you can set conditions for lookup and rollup fields. The way to limit link options is by using the “Limit record selection to a view” setting in the link field options.

On [Table 1], make a view using a filter to only show products in category A. Back on Table 2, open the field options for your {Product Name} link field, turn on “Limit record selection to a view,” and then choose the view from [Table 1] that you just made. Now when making links in that field, only products in category A will appear as options.

Does that do what you want?

Good day to you Justin,

Thanks a lot for your reply. By the way, does it mean that in order to get the listing from another table, I will create one field with Link to another record, and then create another field for the lookup?

Is it possible that you can provide me the proper steps on how to do it?

That’s correct. If you make a link in a [Table 2] record pointing to a [Table 1] record, and you want to use any of the [Table 1] record info in [Table 2], it will require a lookup or rollup field. Here’s an overview of linked records. You’ll find links in this article to more detail on using lookup and rollup fields.


Table 1: Item Name, Product Name

Table 2: Product Name, Product Category

In Table 1, the Item Name is key in by user, and then Product Name will be listing that allow user to select, and now I want it to be a list of product name with product category is drink only.

So, can I have the steps on how to only show the Product Name in table 1 with product category is drink only.

Please assist as I tried the lookup, and there is nothing listed.

In Table 2, you would want to create a new view and filter that view to only show you your “Drinks” category.

Then, back in Table 1, if you customize your linked record field, you will notice that there is an option to “limit record selection to a view”. You would then choose the new view in Table 2 that you created.

Hello Scott,

Thanks a lot for your guide. Got it.

Really appreciate your help.