Linking a Primary Field between Multiple Bases

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there Airtable Gurus,

We have four bases in our Airtable workspace:

Base A: This is a new base connected to our legacy software, which automatically adds order numbers into Base A. We want to link this base to our existing Bases B, C, and D using the primary field (order number) from Base A.

We would like the primary field (order number) from Base A to be selectable + within Bases B, C, and D within Airtable and via forms to ensure clear linkage and consistency to orders. These separate bases (B, C, and D) need to connect and relate back to Base A.

Currently, I have tried having Base A synced with tabs in Bases B, C, and D. We want the connected information from Bases B, C, and D to be integrated into Base A through linked fields. While I have this information working through my synced table tabs within Base A, these extra linked fields are not appearing in the original Bases B, C, and D.

Having this integration will allow our legacy system to update accordingly.

Alternatively, my other solution would be to create one MEGA base, with 4 tables (A,B,C,D) which would make it easier to connect, however I'm mindful of the size/data of these bases and wanting this arrangement to last long term without major lag.

Thank you for your assistance & guidance.



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