Many Linked tables, too many records - direct sync?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


My main table has a few dozen thousands records. In order to complete the process, I also need data from around 10 different tables, each of them also has a few thousands records. If I want to aggregate data from all of them in the main table, I'm reaching the records limit. My thing is - it's kinda waste of my database space to keep the details from all the tables, if I just need it to lookup one field and it's not being used for anything else.

What would you recommend, what's the best practice? Hardcoding with automation and deleting is definitely not one of them.
A great solution would be, if it was possible to sync many tables into one, (but not in the way it has been released recently), for example:

if one of the fields in DB 1 is license plate, I would sync just lookup fields from another base with all the plates, directly to DB1 without having to create linked records and another table.

not sure if I was clear enough, what are your thoughts?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tecky_x , the community has lots of great designers who give lots of ideas.  I think you need to put more information in your description of what you are trying to do.


For example, if you have 10 tables (one for each state) that all have 50k records of licenses plate data and you want to aggregate that into a single table, that table would need to have 500k records.  If you only need 1 field, you can delete the rest of the fields but that won't reduce the number of records you have.