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Merge 2 fields to another to keep a record of changes

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I’m trying to merge the data from 2 separate fields whenever they are updated into another field to keep a history of those changes.

The first field is date and time, the second field is a single select of location. Ideally, this information would just automatically copy to the next line down of a long text field whenever it’s changed.

I have no idea the best way to go about this. Thanks for your help in advance!

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also try retesting your trigger

And it’s working! Looks like it was the population issue.

Rich text is turned off, but it is working as planned. Should I turn it on or just leave it be?

as long as all youre using is line breaks you should be able to leave it off but if you use any other rich text or markdown you need to turn it on. i don’t think line breaks count as ‘rich text’ per se.