Merging multiple field data into one field in a different table on the same base

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a base that has multiple tables for planning our annual conference. We collected proposals using a form view (Call for Proposals table), which includes fields for speakers (Speaker 1 Name, Speaker 1 Email, Speaker 2 Name, Speaker 2 Email, etc).






I am using FillOut for outside folks to update their submission. I am trying to pull the data for all speakers (Name and Email) into one streamlined table (Speaker Management). So how do I get Amy, Jessica, Miranda, Kristy all in one field with their email in another in a new table called Speaker Management? It should automatically update if changes are made to the original fields in Call for Proposals. This was there is always an up to date list of who our speaker contacts are. I tried Sync - but it won't let me do it on the same base. I am trying linked records, but that is still pulling the data into individual lists (Speaker 1, Speaker 2, etc). 


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Melinda,

You may just need formula field using a concatenate formula, which would be something like:

concatenate({Speaker 1 - Name},", ",{Speaker 2 - Name},", ",{Speaker 3 - Name})

The field names are in curly brackets {} and then I've added ", " to add a comma and space between each speaker.

Do the same for the email fields.

When you create a linked record in your other table, you can then add a lookup to these new formula fields.

I hope that helps!