Need Help Setting Up a Master Marketing Calendar

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I'm new to airtable but absolutely love the potential! I've set up a Social Media Marketing Calendar that my VA and I have access to for writing, scheduling, and planning Instagram/Facebook content. The trouble I'm having is within the same base, I'd like to have a master Calendar for all of my marketing channels.


I want a calendar for my email list, a calendar for my planned blogs, and a calendar for my Youtube Content. With all of these calendars I want a Master Calendar for all of my marketing efforts that pulls in all of the sources into one calendar so I can make sure it syncs has a cohesive message. I don't want to gunk up the Social Media Calendar with my other platforms because it could get overwhelming with my VA who only works on Instagram/Facebook.


I'm sure it's user error because I'm new to this, but can anyone give me guidance on how to pull information from each of my calendars (Blogs, Emails, Social Media) into one master calendar that I can color coordinate for each platform so I can have one source I use to see the entire marketing overview? 


Thank you,


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

YES!  I don't have an answer but you asked my exact question so hoping someone answers and I get notified too.  Good luck!