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Hi All,

I have been trying to create a base to manage our project purchasing and accounts payable process. We are a residential building company and run around 12 projects at once, with detailed and extensive project budgets.  These budgets are broken into categories relevant to the building stage, including materials, consultant services, accepted trade quotations, etc. Most of these line items are products from supply agreements, contract rates from contractor agreements, etc. These agreements are valid for approximately 12 months, and the items within the agreement form a catalogue (inventory), I guess. The line items for materials are the actual product per the supplier's catalogue, enabling us to order the products from our budgets accurately.
I want to be able to select several rows within a budget to all be included on a purchase order generated in Airtable or, in some way, on a branded PO PDF template. The table would then register that these items have been purchased, not allowing them to be purchased again. In another table, we have our accounts payable data extracted using an OCR reader, ready to be matched to the PO's.

We use unique project numbers and PO numbers. I want to build an interface that enables us to match our POs with invoices we receive and then assign the invoice to the category on the project budget.

This also needs to have the functionality that if an account has been received and no PO has been raised for it, that we can raise a PO or allocate the expense to the budget without a PO, if we accept the invoice.
I eventually picture this in an interface that my team can use quite easily to accurately purchase and record actual expenses in a very detailed way, against the project budget.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Sounds like a pretty big project!  Are you facing any specific issues currently that you could use help with?

I have built out the base with data being extracted and loaded in from our OCR reader. I have built an interface to enable us to assign cost codes and PO numbers to the expenses that push attachments and data through to Xero and Google drive once processed. I no need to plan how to build the project estimating bas or table/s. This would be for each project that we estimate. If a project is won, the estimate becomes the budget. Once this is completed, then I need to figure out how to line item purchase form the budget. I can figure out how I can generate and send a custom-branded PDF which is great, I just can't work out how to match these POs with accounts payable, which in turn will produce a financial report for the project actuals v budget,.

Hm, what problems are you facing with matching those up?