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"Settings" or "Dashboard" type table

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Okay. This is something I know I can do in something like Ninox, so I’m wondering if its possible in Airtable.

Basically I want to be able to have a “Dashboard/Settings” table, where a user can select options that will filter things in another table.

I’m working on a cross stitch database, which individuals would use. It will track things like inventory, projects, shopping lists etc.

The simplest use case of the settings table would be to say, have an option that is “Show discontinued threads?” with a checkbox. If they check the box, then the thread inventory table will show discontinued threads. If unchecked, they will be hidden.

Is it possible? I can live without this feature since I’ll probably create the database in Ninox as well, but would be nice if I could :slightly_smiling_face: .

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The way that you described it is not really possible in Airtable. But what you could do is create 2 different views in the inventory table, one which is filtered to show discontinued threads, and the other which is filtered to hide discontinued threads. Then the user could switch back & forth between those 2 views.

Although it might be just as easy to teach them how to use the “filter” button above your records. Then, they could just toggle back and forth between showing/hiding discontinued threads.