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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Community,

I am expecting this is more or less obvious, but I can't figure out how to solve it at the moment.

Mission Statement

  • A list full of contacts to be called and asked for an information
  • I now want someone to use a form to enter information he found out by contacting these
  • Within the form, the user should be able to select one of the locations from the list, add the information and store the entry.

How I built it so far

  • Table A for the base data
  • Table B for the entered form data
    • The lookup field referencing to table a becomes the dropdown.
    • User enters additional information and stores it's data.

My challenges

  • Was the setup reasonable for the challenge?
  • How to work with these tables / re-connect them? For example - how can I find out, which locations were not visited by now? Can I create a new table that adds the added information from table b to the entries fo table a? What is the best practice?
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You should have a linked field between Table A and Table B, right?  If that exists, you can add that to the form in Table B and users will be able to select the record from Table A that they're keying in data for

In Table A, you'd add lookup/rollup fields to display the data from Table B as needed

"In Table A, you'd add lookup/rollup fields to display the data from Table B as needed"

That is my exact issue. In Table B I have a "Link to another Record" field, which is also the form input for the user to choose the Record from. 

However, how to reference in Table A? Table A still has no "link" and therefore does not allow me to add a lookup or rollup field. 

Odd.  If you've got a linked field in Table B to Table A, then both tables are linked to each other.  Could you share some screenshots of both tables?

Thank you, I just got it. I did not understand until now that creating a "Link to another Record" field in Table B, there is automatically a linked field created in Table A. Just found and used it. Thanks.