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4 - Data Explorer


I have a problem concerning the construction of ma database structure. I have an online marketplace where my items are assigning to categories, then subcategories. For example, I am selling a brand of white chocolate, which is the subcategory "chocolate", which is in the category "sweet products". One product is assigned to only one category and one subcategory. Each subcategory is only assigned to their related category. 

When I am creating a product, I would like to chose first the category "sweet product". Then, I would like when I have to chose the subcategory that only the subcategories assigned in "sweet category" appear. 

Do you think it is possible ? 

Thank you a lot !! 

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @maureen !

You may have to create 3 tables to make it work. One for your products, one for the Categories and one for the Subcategories. Then link the Subcategories to the Categories with the Lookup field type.



In your {Products} table create a single select type field that links to the {Categories} table. When you want to add a new product, select the Category (sweet products) you want first, and in Subcategory it will only show (chocolate) or other sweet products  because you linked it to the sweet products category. 

Let me know if that could help. To your success!👍