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Retain data of Record in New Table when used as a Linked Record

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I am hoping to take records I have in 1 table of my base and expand upon them in detail while retaining the organization of the groupings I used when first creating the records. So essentially I want to pass through data that was already written to a record rather than needing to do a pretty hefty data-matching effort to translate into a new table. Because of the fluid nature of what I am trying to organize I am working to create a series of ways to slice the same information that is too big for just 1 table to handle. Parsing it into tables before rolling it into the “master table” has been effective but I’m starting to get tripped up at this point in the development / curation process.

Here’s the gist of 1 data structure I had in mind:

  • Phase (grouped via linked record) > Study (grouped via linked record) > Outcome (record at lowest level of table)

I want to expand these Outcome records to be linked records in a different table so I can add new lowest level records in while retaining the Phase > Study > Outcome hiearchy established elsewhere. I had thought about attaching the expanded, more detailed records to the Outcome level but it seemed to make things more confusing.

Let me know if this feature is available and I’m not seeing it or if I need to clarify what I’m asking. Thanks so much for your consideration!

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