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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I would like to be able to share and sync data from multiple workspaces of clients to 1 table in my own base/workspace. For example, I have 10 clients with 10 fields in their base and I would like to have 2 of those fields automatically synced and stacked onto each other into one table in my base/workspace. (Instead of having multiple tables from multiple clients in my base).

A solution that we're currently using is having a form that clients can use to add data to our base and a client view on that base in the clients workspace. But that limits the client doing changes to fields that are not in the synced table. Ideally clients can work from their own base and can add rows themselves and can change everything (and not having us to change certain fields that cannot be changed due to links to other tables in our base). 

Thanks for you help!



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If you're on a business and above plan, you could use multi source syncing for this I think:

If not, you could use an automation tool like Zapier, Make etc to help you watch for updates in your client bases/tables and create / update records in your main base as needed

And the last option would be writing a script to handle this for you

Yes, you can just use multi-source syncing for this, but what are you specifically trying to achieve? Your setup sounds pretty convoluted — there is likely a much simpler and easier way to accomplish what you want to achieve.