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Showing the button in column N+1 if checkbox checked in box N

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In my column N+1 I have designed a SEND MESSAGE BUTTON which opens an URL if clicked. This trigger an action on integromat to send an email. The button works like a charm.

For safety reason, I want to create a layer of protection so my team will not send an email if by accident they click on the SEND MESSAGE BUTTON. On the column N I want to add a CHECKBOX and IF the checkbox is checked then It allows the user to click on the SEND MESSAGE BUTTON. This way, the user will need first to click the CHECKBOX if they want to send the message and click on the SEND MESSAGE BUTTON to confirm they want to send the message.

How can I do this ?

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i found a trick: the checkbox when checked show the URL to use in the N+1 ( columun and then the SEND button in N+2 is using the URL from N+1. And the I hide the column. N+1:

the Button URL is designed like this:
{Integromat: URL} & RECORD_ID()

It works but it would be even better if the button is only showing if I checked the box.

The button will be dimmed (and unclickable) if no URL is specified, so make an IF formula that only results in the URL if the checkbox is checked.