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4 - Data Explorer

I'm looking for help calculating a team's weekly capacity on projects that have a bucket of hours spread over multiple weeks (i.e. Copy = 20, Design = 40, etc.). Currently my reporting pulls in the entire amount. Ideally Airtable would automatically spread the hours out so if the above project took four weeks, each wee would have 5 hours for copy and 10 hours for design.

Alternatively, I would be happy with formulas that would take into consideration remaining hours left on a project during a specific week. So if someone reported that they were 50% done with a project, the above project would have 10 hours of copy left and 20 hours of design. This calculation would need to be updated as the project progressed.

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Feels like you'd need a table where each record represents a single week for a single project, and those records would be linked to a "Project" record where you indicate the number of hours available.  You could then use a combination of a formula field and a Count field to get the number of hours per week

Are you facing any issues in particular?  It's difficult to provide advice about this as how everything is set up depends heavily on your desired workflows, so knowing where you're blocked would helpful