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Update Inventory Counts By Pasting In CSV In Another Table - Replacement For Index/Match?

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I’m trying to move my Amazon FBA inventory tracking system from Google Sheets to Airtable.

In the Sheets version, I have a sheet called SKU List (with SKU, supplier info, target inventory amount, etc).

On a regular basis (let’s say daily), I download an inventory report from Amazon that tells me (in a text/CSV file) how much inventory I currently have for each SKU. I simply paste this file into another sheet called Amazon Report.

Then, I use an Index/Match formula on the SKU List sheet to look up the current inventory of each SKU from the Amazon Report sheet (the SKU is the unique identifier/link between the two). If that SKU does not exist in the pasted-in Amazon Report, the inventory is shown as 0. This updated inventory count then drives the rest of the restocking process, which all happens within Sheets.

Here’s my question - how do I set up the CSV paste-in and associated lookup of inventory in Airtable? I would think this would be simple but I haven’t yet figured it out. If I set things up the same way in Airtable, how do I tell the Current Inventory field in SKU List to look at the Amazon Report table (into which I would have just pasted a fresh CSV), and if there’s a matching record, pull in the inventory count, otherwise show 0?

Thanks in advance for any help! I realize this seems basic but for some reason I haven’t found an answer quite yet.

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