About Flowchart block in the context of Script block

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Flowchart block


Flowchart block

The flowchart block creates flowcharts from records in a chosen table. By setting up record dependencies—records that link to other records in the same table—the block will automatically build a fl...

is definitely one of the most extraordinary blocks Airtable has ever released.

I hope that Airtable will enrich it in priority over other Blocks to get a more varied appearance of the graphic elements and other suggestions that will come in the near future.

It is in this context that I suggest you with the highest priority for me to make it possible to trigger Flowchart Block functions from Script Block !

use-cases from mine’s examples:

  • after having prepared a table to flowchart by any future self-made script , firing Flowchart Block by script
    and then firing its SVG Export Menu.

As @Bill.French wrote it, any script will not write anything to my file-system but this use-case example should be nice without any file-system writing attempt that is not my ask:
Rather than this I would prefer this one:

  • firing Flowchart Block by script
    and then firing SVG Export to POST just ready SVG to any API endpoint of my choice



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