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Adding a value to a linked field (that allows multiple values)

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I am quite new to AirTable but have some JavaScript experience.
I am able to script for changes to the data types I need (Date, numbers, single select, short text etc) but this last one has thrown me.

In my test table (ConorTest) there are 3 fields

  1. Status - Single select
  2. Employee Currently Issued the Equipment
  3. Employee Previously Issued the Equipment

With fields 2 and 3, the value in these fields is linked to a different employee table
Field 2 - with “Allow linking to multiple records” NOT selected
Field 3 - with “Allow linking to multiple records” selected

When the status field is changed, I want to populate the second field with the value for the first (without overwriting what is there)

Has anybody done anything similar?

Thank you

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Hi @Conor_McKeever,
Are you sure you want to do this with javascript? You can, but airtable automations can handle this for you without scripting.

Create an Automation
Trigger: When record matches condition - Status is ‘whatever’ (When this field is changed to this option the automation will kick off)
Action: Update record, record ID from Step 1, field - Employee Previously Issued the Equipment: press the blue + and add both Employee currently issued the equipment and Employee previously issued the equipment with a comma between them.
Add one more action: update record: recordID from step 1, field - Employee Currently Issued the Equipment, leave blank

Now when your status changes to the option you picked, the automation will copy the text from 2 and 3 and place them both in 3, then clear the option in 2.

Previous exists

Add current and set the drop down to trigger the automation

Automation Running

Automation Complete


Thanks for the reply vivid-squid, and for your very detailed response.

I had tried this before and it always removed the value from field 3 after field 2 was deleted but it is working now. Ah well, I learnt a lot playing about with it all yesterday trying to get it working so it wasn’t time wasted.