Airtable Webhook API: 'List webhooks' endpoint returns 404 after having just created a webhook

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm creating a webhook that fires when a specific field in a record in Airtable is updated using the 'Create a webhook' endpoint. Doing so returns the default 200 response with the id of the new webhook in the response. The issue is that the webhook does not fire, and when I call the 'List webhooks' endpoint, I receive a 404 response with the error message "NOT_FOUND."

I made a screen recording in Postman to show what I mean. Is this a bug?

For additional context, after creating the first webhook, I successfully triggered it. However, I wanted to make changes and attempted to delete it so that I could create a new webhook. Upon calling the 'Delete a webhook' endpoint, I received a 404 response, after which point I was no longer able to trigger the webhook.

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That's...pretty weird, and your setup looks fine to me? For what it's worth, I just managed to create a webhook, list it, delete it (200 response), and then when I did a list again I got an empty 'webhooks' array back so at least that bit's confirmed working

I'm just glad it looks weird to somebody else; I thought I had forgotten how to make API calls overnight. Thanks for verifying.