Confirmation Response of Record Created from Airtable API

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I have created a custom form outside of Airtable that utilizes the Airtable API. I have everything working perfect on a single page submission form. This is used by data entry employees to enter mail in submissions quickly. I would like to have a message appear when they click the create button that states the record was successfully created in Airtable, but I cannot find anything like this in the docs or in my Google searching.

Anyone have any idea on how to receive a confirmation from the API that a new record was indeed created?


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The API returns an array of record objects created if the call succeeded, including record IDs. You need to parse this response from the CREATE call to determine if the process succeeded (or failed) and then display what you need.

Hi Bill, thanks for the reply! Can you point me to any documentation that describes this process? I understand what you are saying but I don’t know how to implement it.

The create call is fired from JavaScript when the Submit button is clicked, so it creates the record then reloads the page. How do I get the response to display before the page is reset?

I probably can’t help any further without seeing how you have implemented the current working code. Paste a snapshot and let’s see where we are.