Create multiple records based on recurring day of the week or quantity

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4 - Data Explorer

I am not new to coding, but I am brand new to the scripting block, and I did a few searches and saw many unanswered topics, and several that didn’t quite fit in to my specific scope.

I want to schedule out stories that run in newsletters, and be able to create all the records with user input.

Say the following statement is made: “I want 4 stories to run in June, one every Friday, in ABC Newsletter.”

Or maybe even: “I want a story to run every Tuesday in GHI Newsletter for the rest of the year.”

Or MAYBE even: “I want a story to run every Monday AND Wednesday (2 per week) in the month of August.”

I’m not looking to enter the title for each story, just a template title I can enter that is applied to all the records.

But where I see the REAL magic is being able to accept user input of the days of the week and the month (or months) (maybe with checkboxes?), and somehow resolving the dates and the number of records to create based on what is checked. For example, if I want Fridays in May 2020, which has 5 Fridays, the script would create 5 records, with the dates filled in 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29.

The dates would be determined by this script so I would never have to enter a specific date from the script.

This seems like a helpful community and I appreciate anyone’s efforts to help with this request. Airtable makes record-keeping a retrieving a breeze, but there is still some functionality that I really can’t believe isn’t implemented yet. But then again, how else would we ever learn the fun of scripting?

Thanks everyone!

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