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Hi guys,

Need your help in scripting. I want to concatenate month and templateName to another table using scripts as individual records.

My desired output is e.g.
templateMonth; templateName

2022-01; HD-HD1460, TR144 | 1 x RM-HD
2022-01; HD-WHITE | 5 x RM-HD, 1 x RM-WHITE

How do I achieve this using a button?


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Another great option for learning JavaScript online is


I can repeat once again - Airtable is a great playground to learn programming, where you can use most efficient way to learn - to create scripts, that solve real-life tasks, by your own hands. Thanks to pro developers who created here scripts simple enough to be understandable for beginners and with a lots of comments.

I would suggest to learn array transforming functions, where you can use some common reusable pieces.
I like to learn from experts here. Now I prefer to use arrow functions, like let double=x=>x*2, use const almost everywhere, if this variable not expected to be mutated, and reuse much of functions in different scripts.
Of course it’s all “a matter of taste”.

I always had difficulties with correct format to update or create records - because started work in Airtable as DBA, without clear understanding of arrays and objects. At first, even ‘push’ was a great improvement for me

For example, instead of

// Create records
    let dToCreate = [];

    for (let i = 0; i < length; i++) {
        let name = delivNames[i].Name
            fields: {
                []: name,
                []: [{ id: }]

You can use something like:

let create=el=>({ fields: {[s.destinationField]:,             []: [{ id: }] }})

That is handy! Thanks for the tips!