Delete Records in Airtable would affect viewing in Softr?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Good day,

Since my site is integrated with Airtable, I would like to ask if I delete records in one table, would that affect the viewing in my Softr page? Is there a data retention for this?

Thank you

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Yeap, I believe if you're displaying the Airtable record on Softr, if it gets deleted on Airtable it will no longer display on Softr, and I'm not aware of any data retention for that

Perhaps instead of deleting the records on Airtable you could filter them out in your Airtable view instead?  That way your workspace on Airtable would be clean and you'd still have the right display on Softr as well

Good day,

I did filter, yet the viewing in Softr is just loading. Here is a sample picture. 

With this problem, just to give a context, my base on Airtable is currently over the limit on records.

Ah, since your issue is that you're over the limit of records on Airtable the suggestion of filtering isn't applicable.  To return to your original question, yeah, deleting records on Airtable should make it no longer display on Softr I'm afraid