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FAQs from the Inaugural Custom Blocks Webinar

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Thanks to all that tuned in for the inaugural Airtable custom blocks webinar. If you missed it, you can watch the replay ( and follow up with any questions on this thread.

We received many insightful questions from the webinar. Here are three of our favorites:

Q: Can you create a block that calls another base?
A: Yes. You can use the public API in tandem with a custom block such that when you click a button in the custom block, it makes a call to another base.

Q: What are the permissions for custom blocks?
A: Your custom block respects the permissions of the end-user who is interacting with the custom block.

Q: Can you release a block to different bases?
A: Yes, many developers choose to develop in a dummy base first and then release it to another base afterwards. When you create a block, it lives inside one base by default. We do have a function in the blocks cli tool called remotes. If you’re familiar with git, it works very similarly. In your block, you can specify multiple remotes and a remote is another base you want to release to.

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