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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtable Community,

I’m running a boutique Headhunting Practice, and am a recent convert to Airtable as central tool for Recruiting (Candidate DB), Marketing (Prospective Client/Candidate DB), and Sales (Client & Deal DB).

That said, I see an awesome opportunity for someone who’d like to upgrade the Email <-> Airtable workflow and overall CRM-like functionality of the platform.

Sales & Recruiting is a communication business -> everything revolves around the messages coming into your inbox, and being able to process them quickly, while noting what you did so you can know where you’re at with a pipeline of 500+ candidates and 50+ potential clients. Being able to operate from Gmail without having to switch between windows to the CRM (Airtable) to edit and update contacts is a big time saver. Time is money.

My favorite CRMs in the past generally have had a Gmail integration. Usually, it looks like a pane that pops up inside Gmail on the right-hand side of the screen. It detects the sender/recipient of the email you’re reading/writing, and shows a summary of data on that person - which Deals you’re currently working on with them, info on last contact points, etc. It also allows you to edit or create records (deals, contact info, activities) directly from within Gmail (create a new Deal Record, create a new Contact record, etc).

I love the Websnippet tool and use it to add potential Candidates to my Recruiting pipeline from LinkedIn. It would be great if there were something like this for Gmail where the Extension or Add-On would, based on the recipient/sender’s email address of the email I’m viewing, allow me to:

  • A) see a selection of data-fields from their record, and
  • B) Create or Update that record (and its related records) directly from the pane (tags, deal status, etc)

Right now I use Nimble CRM -> Check the screenshot below to see what their side panel looks like. Main difference is that I’d want to be able to customize which fields are displayed & editable… probably the main reason all of us are using Airtable :).

Anyway… a flexible Gmail Add-On would dramatically increase the workflow efficiency of Airtable for a variety of communications focused roles… Sales & Recruiting especially.

@Airtable -> is there anything like this on the Roadmap?

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 13.30.40

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