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Hey Guys,

First post here.

I’m transferring from Podio to Airtable and the transition is a bit confusing to say the least

We are currently using Airtable as a CRM.

We have 32 emails that we use to send marketing emails. Replies get forwarded to one master email.

When we reply from the master email in Gmail, it automatically replies using the sub-email account’s domain.

We then create a label as a ‘lead’ in Gmail, which then add’s the contact into Airtable.

Airtable is where we track the leads and Gmail is where we communicate.

We want to somehow schedule clients into Calendly/Google Calendar, etc from inside of Airtable using the data & time field. The challenge is that we want to ‘block’ time slots in Airtable that are currently already booked in our calendar - so we don’t double book.

It’s very time consuming to copy and paste all the Airtable data into Calendly (or Google Calendar, etc.) – this is nearly impossible if we are on Airtable for Mobile - and we are not near a desktop.

Looking forward to any ideas or solutions!


Andrew from Leadhype

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