Re: Guidance regarding releasing bug fixes and improvements to hackathon blocks?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey there,

Question to the airtable team - since the hackathon deadline has passed, if I fixed a bug or improved something in a block that participates in the hackathon, can I update the block installation in the demo base I shared with you guys as part of the submission?


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I would recommend forking your Github repository, and updating the block in a copy of your original base. It isn’t exactly “fair” to continue to make improvements to the submitted materials after the deadline. Of course, Airtable judges can see the commit dates on Github and the block release dates on Airtable so I’m not sure how they’re enforcing the deadlines.

@Michelle_Valentine can you weigh in?

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi there! Please refrain from making any functional changes to your submissions after the deadline has passed. Some folks have asked to make documentation edits, but please don’t make any functional changes as it could impact judges evaluating different versions of the block.

Hey @Michelle_Valentine, got it. Regarding github, I’m going to tag all my repos with a hackathon tag for the state of the repo during submission. I’m also going to commit changes to a different branch in the meantime.

Please note that if I work on a different branch, there is no way of remixing from github using a link to a specific branch, which prevents potential users from getting the latest version of my blocks.

Support for such a feature would be nice not only during hackathon times but in general - it would allow me to deploy pre-releases to a subset of users using github branches.


@Michelle_Valentine, regarding documentation edits, just update the project on devpost? I understand it goes through your approval.