How to create and link a record to a sync table

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have 2 bases (Payments and Ledger)

And on Ledger base i have a sync table from Payments base

I'm making a script that runs on a table in the Ledger database. This script will create a record in the Payments base and then link that record to a table in the Ledger base.

But I'm having problems because the synchronization table has a different ID and recordID than the original table in the Payments base.

If I pass the recordID from the Payments base to link it to the table in the Ledger base, will that work?

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Yeah you could try that.  I think you'd need a formula field in the 'Payments' base with the formula 'RECORD_ID()' that's synced over though, that way you can use that field to identify the correct record and link them, does that make sense?

Yes, i will try to do that.