How to Trigger Webhook in Zapier from Airtable?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

1. Get webhook link from Zapier
2. Add input variables you want to push to Zapier
3. Check the code to incorporate variables

let url = "";
let config = input.config();
await fetch(url + config.projectID + "&recordID=" + config.recordID + "&lat1=" + config.lat1 + "&lon1=" + config.lon1);​




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You mentioned Zapier above, but I would highly recommend that people avoid Zapier and use Make instead.

Make is infinitely more powerful yet significantly cheaper than Zapier. More details here: Make vs. Zapier.

However, regardless of whether someone decides to use Make, Zapier, or some other app, here are instructions on how to trigger a webhook from Airtable to one of those other apps:

Sending Airtable data to an external webhook