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10 - Mercury

As far as I can tell I aways get nice JSON responses, but with this error the response comes in the form of a HTML page. My error handling didn’t like that.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1 class="my2">This page is taking too long to load.</h1>

Is this intentional?

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I’ve noticed the order of setting the headers in my code is not consistent. Can’t phantom that could be a problem, but I’ve changed it anyway.

Small update: it’s still happening. And the exact same request is getting a JSON response with error 500 and HTML with a 504 so I think it’s something on your side…

Since these are all time out related maybe processing the response is not 100% completed as well?

Just FYI… :slightly_smiling_face:

Additional info: going through my log files I also found empty responses and a couple of

{"code": "timed_out"}

All with status 504.

I’ve long suspected something like this. I get strange errors when I create sync scripts that depend on results from Airtable. I have error handling coded in, however it seems that at times I get a result that isn’t an error yet isn’t expected content. Anyway, just chiming in so that I get pinged on updates to this thread. I guess I need to dial in my response-error-checking some more. Thanks Tuur for digging deeper!

My pleasure. :slightly_smiling_face: