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Hello- I’m new to airtable and new to scripting. wondering if there is anyone who can help guide me: i have a rental company that rents artwork. im trying to write a script so that when i input rental dates i can search “cards” by the ones that are currently out on rental and the ones that are still in stock. im thinking an “if then” script might help…
any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Writing a script in Airtable when you are new to both is going to be very challenging. The script you describe does not sound like a beginner project to me.

If you have a coding background, just not Airtable scripting specifically, I recommend starting with the scripting documentation.

If you do not have a coding background but want to learn to code, I recommend taking some time to get familiar with Airtable and JavaScript separately first. Then circle back to the documentation.

If you just want working code, consider hiring someone to write the script for you.

On the other hand, there might be ways to accomplish your goal without a script. For example, you could use a timeline or calendar view that shows the days each piece of artwork is out. (Displaying artwork that is available on a particular day would be much more complex and probably require a script.)

Hey @Monique_Champagne

You might look at the Check In/Check out app created by @Kamille_Parks

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