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Import data from Parabola

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I want to import data from Parabola to airtable, but I got an error and I don’t know why. This is the table in Parabola…
And this is the table in Airtable
I want to add the items that I have called “titles” in Parabola and import to the column called “name” in Airtable

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I also have a more specific question which is how can I upload attachments like photos from Parabola to Airtable

Hi Nacho,

I see that the URL you’re calling has ‘list view’ in it – that is not necessary. You don’t need to specify the view.

Hi @Nacho_Gonzalez! I’m Sachi and I work at Parabola. I think I may have actually helped you in our Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with what Aron suggested. You have a space in your Endpoint URL so that isn’t right. What’s this table called in Airtable? If you look at the Airtable API docs, it provides the correct table name to use.

As for your image question, do all the photos exist on image URLs?

Feel free to repost your question in Parabola’s Community. This sounds like a problem we can troubleshoot together!