Re: Is it good SEO practice to serve Airtable images in WordPress site?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I’m creating a WordPress catalog site, of which the products are stored in an Airtable database. This base remains the core of all our products, and with the use of a custom import script I’m pulling in the right data from Airtable to WordPress.

Now I’m wondering whether I should also import all images (which are stored in the Airtable product records as well) to the WordPress media library (thus duplicating them), or whether I can just use the Airtable image urls which the api is giving me. An inspection of an Airtable image url (with tells me that Airtable serves them from Amazon S3 via Cloudfront.

On one hand I’m thinking it’s a good idea to use the airtable img urls because:

  • They appear to be cdn-served and therefore faster and therefore good seo value
  • it spares me importing hassle and hosting space

On the other hand, I also have some concerning thoughts about doing so:

  • is nowhere near the domain name of the wp site. Therefore google will punish you?
  • WordPress will not be able to push them into the image sitemap.I might be able to code that in though. Would it be worth trying so?

I should be able to do both things, I’m just wondering which one is best SEO practice (if there is any notable difference).

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Per this topic, Airtable does not support being used as a CDN for images in attachments.

Thanks @kuovonne! That’s already something very important I should bear in mind.

Hello Tom, 

I am thinking about making Airtable my PIM solution and use it as my products database.

Did you figure it out if it was good in terms of SEO ? 

Thanks 🙂