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Is there a way to bypass or increase the Airtable API request limit?

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I read the documentation and discovered that Airtable has a request limit for its API.

We expect about 50+ people to use our mobile app on the first week of release and the number of users is probably going to increase after a month so this “5 requests per second” seems very limiting for the app. The chances of users sending requests simultaneously is pretty high and this will make the app unusable.

Is there a way (maybe a premium plan) to exceed that limit without the 30 second wait penalty?


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@Mohd_Danish you say that NoCodeAPI bypasses the limits of airtable, but by using NoCodeAPI, a user would then have an even lower limit with NoCodeAPI (of 900 Requests/month)…or am I missing something?

for other passing by, I am testing this method, which also sounds like a pretty good idea, to me :slightly_smiling_face:

@ricricucit You are right but 900 is the limit to not abuse servers. So, if you have more requirements then go for a paid plan or you can make your own API proxy.