Iterate through field for '!' string, then iterate through another field to collect cells that had '!' in their records, in an array

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I have some coding experience, although by knowledge of Javascript is still very limited.
What I’m essentially trying to do is:

  1. Iterate through one field for a certain string
  2. Collect name (or ID I suppose) of the record that had the string in an array

The point of doing this would be to be able to compile the names of all the records that had the targeted string into a list that I could then email out through a build in automation. Unfortunately Airtable makes it difficult to send multiple records on a single automation, so I was wondering if I could do it this way. Thanks.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Did you consider doing a trigger of “when record matches conditions” set it to not empty probably, then it looks at all the record that are not empty (what you would use iteration for normally), after that use “conditional actions” set it to dynamic or static input, set conditions to what ever you are searching for, make an action that creates a new record in a different table with the information you want. Afterward you can setup a botton to send an email using Airtable automations, or sending bulk emails using extensions (sendgrid)

it’s quite easy and needs no code no automation.
create new field Linked to new table. in new table should be single record (or if not, make it single). give it any name. copy paste name into whole linkfield of table 1.
in new table, set lookup or rollup of desired field(s). rollup may be arrayjoin(values)

use builtin rollup/lookup filter ’ contains ! ’