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Link for Feb 28 Webinar?

Topic Labels: Scripting extentions
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Anyone have a link to the webinar recording from Feb 28? I signed up for it but wasn’t able to watch. I’ve tried contacting Airtable but haven’t heard anything back after a few messages.

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I think you’ll find it in this list.

I’m not seeing it in the list. I wanted to watch it because I think that Airtable has already made some changes based on feedback from that webinar, but I don’t remember the details exactly.

And by “it”, what topic exactly are we talking about? @Btbml did not say exactly and Airtable doesn’t publish the dates.

Since this topic is under the scripting block tag, I assume @Btbml meant the webinar about scripting block that took place on February 28.

I don’t see any records with scripting block in the titles.