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Need to list the “recxxxxxxx…” record ID created by Airtable

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Hi !
I have 4000 fields in my product table from 1 to 4001 personnal ID
I need to know the place to find the record ID recXXXX created by Airtable for all of my fields
For example the 3876 is the recdg5jLFDdg34 record and I need to make a list like
1 = rec XXX
2 = recYYY
Please help !
Have a nice day

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Seriously? I think you may have a bigger problem than knowing the record IDs. Do you mean 4000 rows?

:blush: ! Sorry yes !

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Okay - rows it is.

If you use the API to list your records, the id will be included along with your field values.


Add a column next to your id column with the RECORD_ID() formula. Then you can copy both columns and paste them into a text editor or spreadsheet for further editing. For example, in the text editor you can replace the tab mark (“/t”) between columns with “ = “.