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Pulling Block (product details) data to website from AirTable

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Hi all,
I have recently come across AirTable and love it for the simplicity it offers for managing a semi-complex product catalog (i.e. flexible categories, groupings, pictures, etc.). I’m exploring migrating my current catalog to AirTable from my current self-developed database. However, I wanted to ask if there’s an easy way to pull a Block into a web page to display on my public website? I know it’s possible to export the PDF, but I’d really like to export a product sheet into a tile on my website.

I know I can leverage the API to pull the data and do the coding on my side, but it would be so much easier to pull in the Block altogether.


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Welcome to the community, @Max_Nokhrin! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Airtable does support block embedding, but one major caveat is that it currently exposes your entire database, not just a single block containing data for a single record. For any kind of custom display based on data from Airtable, using the API to pull the data is the preferred method at the moment AFAIK.

Thank you!

I see. I was hoping I could embed a Block (page designer) and pass it a unique ID of the record as embedded code from my website.